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The choice for demanding applications 

Maximum torque and precision. Lightweight construction, the smallest possible dimensions and minimum power losses. These are the parameters that define success in robotic applications. No easy task for a mechatronic axle drive. TQ-RoboDrive delivers, with drive solutions offering:

  • Industry-leading torque density and overload capability
  • Excellent positioning accuracy
  • Very compact and lightweight design
  • Direct gearhead integration
  • Hollow shaft servo motors and gear units
  • Integrated absolute encoders with high resolution
  • Integrated safety brakes
  • Highly dynamic servo inverters


Truly embedded drive solutions

Conventional design-processes only take standard values into account: torque, speed, connection parameters and nominal/maximal efficiency and speed. These details are sufficient for simple applications with low load-cycle changes or drive tasks in steady-states.

For more demanding applications, we ensure that our drives are optimally embedded within your overall system by conducting a detailed specification phase which takes into account a much wider range of performance factors.  These can include:

  • Load profile
  • Load hold
  • Idle running speed
  • Installation space
  • Thermal boundaries
  • Ambient conditions
  • Layout and design
  • And many other factors

Where weight and installation space are limited, and dynamic control and thermal behavior requirements are demanding, this thorough approach can spell the difference between success and malfunction. 

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