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Applications powered by TQ-RoboDrive

Discover how our customers are making use of the power, precision and dynamic response TQ-RoboDrive solutions afford. 


KUKA und RoboDrive show the division of a process with and without permitted contact.

REEM-C from Pal Robotics

PAL Robotics makes use of a large number of TQ-RoboDrive motors in both its REEM-C and TALOS service robots.

Mission to the Moon

The Part Time Scientists are on a Mission to the Moon - with help von TQ-RoboDrive.

The Keeogo™ Dermoskeleton™

The Keeogo™ Dermoskeleton™ powered by TQ-RoboDrive helps people with limited moblity lead much more active lives.

Live at the SPS IPC Drives

Ulrich Kerber unveils innovative TQ-RoboDrive solultions in Nuremberg.

For demanding applications

Manfred Schedl discusses the technological advantages of TQ-RoboDrive technology and the types of applications they are particularly suited to.

The world's most advanced drives

Market-leading torque density and maximum freedom of design for challenging applications.

The world's most efficient e-vehicle

The TUfast Eco Team wins the Shell Eco Marathon - thanks to technology from TQ-RoboDrive.

Maximum torque density, minimum weight

Explore what makes drives solutions from TQ-RoboDrive special.

Torobo from Tokyo Robotics

Torobo von Tokyo Robotics is particularly adept at manipulating soft and undefined objects - with an assist from TQ-RoboDrive.


KUKA und TQ demonstrate the world's first serially produced sensitive industrial robot.

Telemax Pro from Telerob

Cutting edge remote manipulating robots are characterized by unmatched dexterity as well as the ability to traverse rough terrain and surmount obstacles. TQ-RoboDrive helps make it happen.

Imagine You Can Do It

What is the driving force that propels our brand ambassador Peter Schlickenrieder and other athletes to new heights of success?

TQ in motion

We invited PAL Robotics, Telerob and KUKA to show us their robotic chops - powered by TQ-RoboDrive - at the most recent SPS IPC Drives.




Market-leading torque density, dynamic response and precision.

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