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TQ-RoboDrive Manuals

Hier finden Sie allerhand nützliche Infromationen wie Manuals, Datenblätter und Product Sheets zu den Produkten von TQ-RoboDrive.

  • TQ-RoboDrive Product Information

    Servo-Kits ILM

    With the stator-rotor installation kits of the ILM series RoboDrive offers solutions for structurally integrated drive engineering. The RoboDrive technology provides the highest power density at maximum torque range and overload capability in a compact design.

  • TQ Product Information

    Hollow-Shaft Servo Motors RD50-70-85HW

    With the hollow shaft servo motors of the RD series RoboDrive presents high-performance motors based on the well-established stator-rotor kits. The hollow shaft design allows to guide signals, media and fluids, rays, and cables through the motor. The integration of gear elements, spindle nuts or optics and serial actuators expands the field of applications.

  • TQ-RoboDrive Product Information

    Solid Shaft Servo Motors RD25-38VW

    Compact, solid-shaft drive units with industry-leading torque density and a wide range of applications

  • TQ-RoboDrive Manuals Product Information

    Servomotoren RD50/D70/85-VW

    Compact solid-shaft drives with industry-leading torque density and a wide range of applications

  • TQ-RoboDrive Product Information

    Getriebemotoren RD50/70/85-PG

    The planetary motor gear units RD-PG provide a standardized drive solution with the powerful gearheads from Neugart. Depending on the number of stages the transmission ratio ranges from 1:3 to 1:512. The gear units have a minimal, inherent backlash.

  • TQ-RoboDrive Product Information

    Getriebemotoren RD50/70/85-HD

    The geared motors of the RD-HD series are high-torque and high-precision servo solutions with hollow-shaft for low-voltage applications. The technology from Harmonic Drive uniquely combines highest precision and zero backlash in a compact lightweight design. 

  • TQ-RoboDrive Product Information


    Our SDB-40-100 is an electronic inverter to power sine-commutated brushless DC motors (BLDCs). It is rated for DC-link voltages between 20 V and 100 V and continuous phase currents up to 40 A (sine peak). It allows extremely high sampling rates of up 100 kHz for all control loops, i.e., torque/current (CST), speed (CSV), and position control (CSP).


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  • TQ-RoboDrive Product Information

    Positions-Sensoren RD50/70/85-AKSIM

    RoboDrive encoders RD-AKSIM provide accurate absolute position data with high resolution to control RD servo motors very precisely and efficiently. Unlike optical position sensors the magnetic sensor ASIC of the RD-AKSIM encoders is robust against dust and dirt. 


  • TQ-RoboDrive Product Information

    Direktantrieb RD115x50-IMD

    With the integrated motor device RD115x50-IMD new levels in the field of compact direct-drive motors are achieved. This motor, with a continuous power of 2.200 W, a peak power of up to 5.200 W and a compact installation space combined with a hollowshaft of 50 mm, shows power density and compact design at its best.

  • TQ-RoboDrive Product Information

    Sicherheitsbremsen RD50/70/85-RSV

    RoboDrive safety brakes RD-RSV allow the design of compact and light-weight actuators and robotic joints. The brakes stop motion and keep position reliable and safe in case of power switch-off or emergency stop events. The hollow-shaft design of the brakes allows to guide signals, media and fluids, rays and cable through the brake. 



Market-leading torque density, dynamic response and precision.

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