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Our Partners

TQ-RoboDrive works together with international technology and distribution partners to ensure access to our drive solutions around the world. 

  • Commercial Partner

    Scandinavia: Compotech

    TQ-RoboDrive Kontakt Partner Compotech

    Together with our customers, we turn components such as electric motors, switches, sensors and permanent magnets into innovations that change the way we think about energy, medical technology and automation. By using our leading know-how and network of manufacturing partners, we provide security and value added solutions to a wide range of customers within the Nordic manufacturing industry.

  • Commercial Partner

    Russia: Industrial components LLC

    TQ-RoboDrive Kontakt Partner Industrial Components LLC

    Industrial components LLC is a high-tech company focused on perspective and actual technologies and solutions in the field of electronics and electronic components, PCB, different kind of sensors, drive components and systems, power electronics and others. The high service level and close collaboration with partners are the key advantages and key possibilities to realise solutions exactly required by the customer and by the market.

    Visit the Industrial Components LLC Website.

  • Commercial Partner

    The Netherlands: VarioDrive

    TQ-RoboDrive Kontakt Partner VarioDrive

    Power in Motion – this motto of VarioDrive guarantees the integrated approach of Motion Control solutions.
    VarioDrive offers integrated solutions; starting from the first development, supplying the needed products up to the commissioning and after care. In practice this means that we will provide the needed free calculations of the drive chain and we will advise you on the mechanical integration. The mechanical and electrical components can be provided and will be perfectly adjusted and pre-assembled where possible. 

    Visit the VarioDrive Website.

  • Commercial Partner

    Japan: TechnoTrans Ltd.

    TQ-RoboDrive Kontakt Partner TechnoTrans

    TechnoTrans is a representative partner for RoboDrive in Japan and acts as a moderator and catalyst in technology transfer of highly sophisticated motor and drive systems.  TechnoTrans also supports integrating products in customer-specific requirements in the concept phase. 

    Visit the TechnoTrans Website.

  • Commercial Partner

    Italy: Pamoco

    TQ-RoboDrive Kontakt Partner Pamoco

    Pamoco S.p.A. was established in 1979 to commercialize solutions and components for the Italian industrial automation market. For over three decades, Pamoco has specialized in the motion control sector, developing and improving its capabilties in the speed and position control of brushless, stepping and DC motors. Pamoco offers a wide range of tested advanced products and qualified technical and application support, working together with the customer already during the study phase of the kinematics. 

    Visit the pamoco Website.

  • Technology Partner

    Germany: Mayr Antreibstechnik

    TQ-RoboDrive Kontakt Partner Mayr.jpg

    The family-run company, founded in 1897, is a leading manufacturer of safety brakes, torque limiters and shaft couplings, and stands for innovation and maximum quality. Mayr power transmission has developed reliable, wear-free brakes with high performance density and extremely short switching times specifically for the field of robotics; these brakes are able to easily withstand the high demands placed on them. They reliably provide safe operating processes worldwide in countless robotics applications – as safety does not allow for compromises.


  • Technology Partner

    Germany: Robo-Technology GmbH

    TQ-RoboDrive Kontakt Partner Robo Technology

    Robo Technology provides complete robot solutions or subsystems for all kinds of automation projects. Standard industrial robots and components suffice for the majority of those application.  Robo Technology develops highly integrated mechatronic systems with superior power density for your application, where highly dynamic motion benefits from radically minimizing the moving mass. This enables the design of servo grippers with integrated sensors and actuators. The company has even developed and built a complete light-weight robot arm, which outperforms any ordinary robot system in many ways.

  • Technology Partner

    Germany: RENISHAW GmbH

    TQ-RoboDrive Kontakt Partner Renishaw

    Renishaw is one of the world's leading engineering and scientific technology companies, with expertise in precision measurement and healthcare. The company supplies products and services used in applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, through to dentistry and brain surgery.

    In the field of position encoders, Renishaw offers a broad range of systems for linear and rotary position measurement. From robust magnetic rotary and linear motion sensors for incremental and absolute position measurement to optical encoders for high speed and high-precision applications, as well as ultra-high vacuum (UHV) compatible encoders: We meet your needs!





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