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TQ Drive in a medical context

Pushing beyond technological limitations

TQ-RoboDrive provides flexible drive solutions for the world’s most demanding applications. By focusing on dynamic response, reliability, precision and minimal size and weight, our solutions enable designers overcome technological limits in fields such as robotics, medicine, aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering, laser industries and sensor technology.

The brand

TQ develops, produces and markets a wide range of drive solutions under the TQ-RoboDrive brand. These include drive control, input panels, inverters, motor and gear units, ready-to-install motors and client-specific integrated drive solutions.

TQ-RoboDrive technology has its roots in the German Aerospace Center, where engineers sought to develop a new breed of motors capable of achieving tremendous torque and performance within minimum confines. The pioneering technology also optimized aspects such as rotational speed, dynamic response and thermal behavior to meet the specific demands of robotic applications.

RoboDrive was spun off from the German Aerospace Center in 2005, becoming an independent company under the leadership of Detlef Schneider and Manfred Schedl. TQ-Systems began producing the motors in 2006 only a few kilometers down the road in Seefeld. RoboDrive was fully incorporated into TQ-Systems in 2015.

The technology

The combination of high speed and high torque enables short cycle times when the motors are used in production applications. Their high torque density and efficiency also enables them to run properly in elevated temperatures, vacuums, radioactive environments and other critical conditions, as well as in mobile applications with a battery supply.

Their design assures that highly precise positioning tasks can be mastered with excellent rotational speed stability. TQ-RoboDrive drive solutions are therefore ideal for precision applications such as those in the optical industry, stabilization tasks, camera guidance, laser technology and highly precise positioning.

Our portfolio

  • Brushless DC motors and lightweight servo motors
  • Hollow-shaft motors
  • Lightweight gearboxes
  • Electric drive systems
  • Motor controllers
  • Actuators
  • Drive systems
  • System integration
  • Customer specific solutions

We optimize all necessary motor parameters to enable extremely compact, customer-specific motors with outer diameters ranging from 25 mm to 115 mm. These lightweight-torque servo motors find wide use in a wide variety of robotic and similar applications, where high torque and precision as well as minimal weight and power dissipation are key.

Our range of services spans the entire product lifecycle of both motors and drive systems, from conception through to development, production and long-term all-round service. All services are based on modular part components and complete devices in accordance with customer requirements. Thanks to our holistic approach to development, we are able to achieve market-leading torque density and excellent dynamic response at an optimal power-to-weight ratio.



Market-leading torque density, dynamic response and precision.

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