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Driving the world's most demanding applications

Originally developed to withstand the harsh conditions of outer space, drive solutions from TQ-RoboDrive can today be found wherever reliability, dynamic response, precision, compact size and high torque density are at a premium. 

They continue to help our customers overcome technological limitations in aerospace, and are also ideally suited for demanding applications in the fields of medicine, robotics, industrial automation, laser and optics.

Our Technology

From servo kits and motor gear units to customer specific drive systems and servo inverter technology, RoboDrive provides comprehensive drive technology in a one-stop solution. We look beyond simple torque and speed, taking into account your requirements for load profile, installation space and and ambient conditions. The result is a drive solution optimally embedded in your overall system. 

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What makes us special?

Mechatronic axle drives in robotics or related applications require maximum torque and precision. To afford developers freedom of design, they also need to be as light and compact as possible, with minimal power dissipation. TQ-RoboDrive delivers on all counts. Begin exploring our products.

  • Maximum torque density
  • Compact size
  • Minimum weight
  • High heat dissipation, low power loss 
  • Hollow-shaft engineering
  • Freedom of design

Breaking Through Boundaries

As robotic applications become more ingrained in our everyday life, the technology that empowers them must become more powerful, precise and efficient, while being compact enough to afford developers great freedom of design.

Our drive technology can be found wherever designers and developers approach technical limitations, but still need to go beyond. From operating rooms and exoskeletons to productions lines, high-risk environments and exceedingly life-like humanoids.

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Our origins

RoboDrive technology has its origins in the developmental labs of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), where researchers sought to develop lightweight, high-torque electrical drives requiring minimal installation space for use in an array of aerospace applications. The motors that resulted also offered excellent speed stability, dynamic response and thermal connectivity – making them ideally suited for modern robotic development.

The TQ Group began producing RoboDrive motors for the German Aerospace Center in 2006 and eventually fully integrated the division into its own operations, located just down the road. Today, TQ-RoboDrive technology can be found in some of the world’s most demanding applications - from exploring the surface of Mars to operating on a beating heart. 







Market-leading torque density, dynamic response and precision.

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